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Property prices still crazy October 27, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.
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Property prices are still crazy in this country – I don’t care what anyone says !

While reading through one of the property supplements this week, my eye was caught by a tiny advert regarding a plot of land available in the town of Enniscrone, Co.Sligo. Now just having come back from there (playing golf), I was interested even more.

But wait for it ! The plot of land, allbeit facing the sea and with a wonderful view over Kilalla Bay, was only .3 of an acre. Yes – point 3. That’s roughly seventy feet square – or even less maybe.

The price ? A whopping and equally shocking …. € 1.2 million ! Would whoever owns this land kindly get a reality check.



1. irishflirtysomething - October 29, 2007

Holy crap – my family have land down there. *runs off to ring parents*

2. Rambling Man - October 29, 2007

hey you’ll remember the one who set you on this train of thought !! won’t cha ?

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