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Should Gardaí be armed ? October 22, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.
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I am not a proponent of armed police and armed police enforcement but lately, with Gardaí being targeted in the line of duty, I have had to reconsider this opinion. I am basically prepared to go along with what the Gardaí themselves think but not being a fan of said organisation think they are heading down and tricky and sticky road.

I thin something changes when Gardaí become routinely armed. How much training are they going to get on firearms and when NOT to use them if there resources are as super stretched as they continually say they are ?

I would much prefer the suggestion of the GRA (Garda Representative Organisaton) whereby ordinary coppers on the beat would be backed up by readily available armed Garda response units. How these would work, numbers of them, where they would be and how effective they would be remains to be answered. All I can think of is the SWAT situation in the USA whereby a heavily armed and trained group of police can be readily called out to deal with a serious situation.

I doubt if that sort of availability of resources would’ve saved Garda Sherlock from being shot a couple of weeks ago but sure thats another matter …



1. Henry Scoal - August 31, 2008

The Garda need guns, big guns.

2. Jarvid Akbul - August 31, 2008

They don’t need guns they need aluminum baseball bats.

3. ross denning - December 3, 2008

they wont need a gun.. all they need is their batton or something they can use, a taser maybe?

4. matt - February 25, 2009

They dont need guns, they just need armed units as back up like the new Reginal Support Units.

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