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Review : Holiday Inn, Kensington, London October 19, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Hotel & Restaurant reviews.
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I have spent 4 nights in this hotel in west London over the past year and as far as London hotels go, it’s just fine. It is a massive hotel (27 floors), located on Cromwell Road – one of the main arteries into London, and is 1 minute from Gloucester Road tube station on the very useful Picadilly line.

The rooms themselves are small by normal standards – the bathrooms particularly so – but when you are only looking for a place to lay your head then they are fine.  Clean, not too hot or noisy … but nothing spectacular.

The price however is another thing … London is astro-fucking-nomically high priced for everything.  Even if I was getting paid in £ ‘s I don’t know how I would be able to survive.  Dublin prices pale in comparison.  And they are blatant about it.  For instance, my room rate was £89 B&B for the first night and then it changed to £189 room only for the second – milk the hell out of you if they can.  2 pints and 2 cokes in the bar cost £25 and lo abd behold when I arrived at the desk to check out, everything was exclusive of VAT – EVERYTHING !  So it hurt the pocket.  Badly !

All in all if you have a few bob to spare and want a great location and an easy stay then go here – it is very expensive but still only a moderately expensive hotel by London standards.  But when in Rome …

Rambling Man rating : 6.5/10



1. laurie - October 19, 2007

london is EXTREMELY expensive. we were there in april, and stayed in a rowhouse-turned-hotel near the british museum.

the room was so tiny that all there was was a bed. no dresser. nothing. just a bed. fortunately, there was a tiny non-working fireplace, where we stashed our clothes.

they said that they served breakfast, which they did, but man, they charged something like 15 pounds apiece for it. yikes. elsewhere, it usually is included in the cost of the room.

2. Rambling Man - October 22, 2007

not in this hotel … breakfast extra … and VAT excluded !

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