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These city walls … October 5, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.
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I take a keen interest in all things historic but mainly in the history and buildings of my own native area – the South East. Ours is a landscape littered with castles, ruins, abbeys and city walls, stretching the imagination back to earlier times … the great wonderment for me in all these relics is their longevity and the images that they conjure in my over active mind as to their purpose and everyday usage way back when …

Waterford has some great buildings still standing, not the least of which is Reginald’s Tower, which if you are ever in the area, is well worth spending a few hours at. There are also some great examples of the city’s walls still standing … but my reason for this post is this : I cannot understand how people don’t appreciate them more. The Council and other interested groups can only do so much but what can you say when you walk past a huge, imposing and truly ancient city battlement site and see this …

dsc00238.jpg dsc00236.jpg  dsc00240.jpg

The last picture is of the end of the city wall and just shows the amount of the structure still in place … but I was horrified firstly by the amount of rubbish – and not just rubbish one could just drop – you would’ve had to plan it as a place to dump.  Blankets, old chairs, bags of rubbish, rotten old coats, boxes of lollipops (!?) and of course dozens and dozens of empty beer cans – the makers of Dutch Gold make a fortune advertising on side of the Irish road.  Secondly, I was worried by the lack of bins – none, zero, zilch, F all !  So where does Paddy the Irishman drop the stuff when there are no bins ? – at the base of the most historic city walls in the south east and let’s burn the seating bench while we’re at it.

Many’s a man could’ve been hanged from those city walls in times past and tis high time we started to crack down on disgusting litter now too !  It should no longer be socially acceptable to litter the place … imagine the impression our cities and towns make on tourists ?



1. francis mahon - October 5, 2007

It really is a shame. I notice the same thing when I pass what’s left of the old town walls in Wexford.

I’ve been to Reginald’s Tower, and the new museum too – which was interesting enough, although I’d rather have teeth pulled while watching Big Brother than sit through the AV presentation again…

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