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I resign as an Ireland fan September 30, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish, Sports.
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I resign as an Ireland fan – it’s official.

Out of the World Cup, a madman manager who is secure for the next 4 years, an out half who is finished (no smoke without fire ?) and a back row about as effective as that laxative I took last night after a feed of my mother’s famous spuds au gratin.

Not that anyone gives a sh*t. Much like the rugby team who played with all the passion and fortitude of a geriatric accountant’s daily enema.


1. FPB - September 30, 2007

could be worse, you could follow england at football. ireland have been disappointing but they were beaten today by an inspired argentina side. no disgrace there. no comfort i guess. more thoughts back at my blog

2. Tesco, Country Crest & The Fingal Vintage Society « Peter Donegan landscaping Weblog - September 30, 2007

[…] the sun did come out, it’s a pity that the sun didn’t shine in France today over Eddie O’ […]

3. peter donegan MI Hort - October 1, 2007

to be very honest FBP it wasn’t just argentina who were inspired….
slán go foill

4. slykid - October 3, 2007

I’ll remember this Rambling Man next time you’re looking for a ticket to a game or a buddy to watch a match with!

Who will you support now? There’ll be highs and lows in supporting any team but I’d never resign my allegiance to the Irish rugby team, for they have given me so much – now I must give them back what I owe. Support.

5. Rambling Man - October 3, 2007

oh for god sake you’re about the millionth person that didn’t take my post as even slightly tongue in cheek ! whats the craic with you anyway ?

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