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Has Madeleine been spotted in Morocco ? September 26, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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* Sad to report that this photograph is of a genuine Moroccan family and their daughter, Bouchra – not Maddy. *

I’m sure people all over have heard by now that a possible sighting has been made of Madeleine McCann in Morocco at the end of August. The sighting, which Spanish tourists managed to get a picture of, has lead to fresh hopes that the little girl, missing since May, is still alive.

Here is the picture published in today’s Daily Telegraph and showing a small European looking child being carried by a Moroccan adult. I really think that the parents of Madeleine will be able to tell if this is her or not. It looks like her. Here’s hoping that the fact that it has been kept quiet until now means that something might be happening.


Larger version available at the Daily Telegraph.



1. Dyna Ngoy - September 26, 2007

It should be a very big coincidence that on 11 June 2007, the McCanns were in Morocco for their PR blitz about their lost daughter. The McCanns should be given a second look.

2. Rambling Man - September 26, 2007

do you reckon they are implicit ? if they are I dont see how the portuguese police wouldn’t be able to break them … and have more evidence to detain them rather than just naming them suspects.

and why if you killed your child would you voluntarily step into the sustained glare of the media … i just dont know what to think about it.

3. Rambling Man - September 27, 2007

Sad to report that this photograph is of a genuine Moroccan family and their daughter, Bouchra – not Maddy.

4. SK - September 28, 2007

I would bet this month’s pay cheque the girl is long dead. I neither know nor care whether it was her parents or someone else. But they have got way too much publicity and attention.

It should be going to the parents of other missing children not these two.

5. Rambling Man - September 28, 2007

someone somewhere is having a toffee crisp alright ! i suppose the fact that they propelled themselves into the media spotlight made me think that they didn’t have anything to do with it … but who knows …

6. SK - September 28, 2007

The media spotlight has little to do with whether or not they did it. The killers often court the media to brag or deflect attention. There was the guy that killed the two girls in the UK and then was happy to give media interviews as the last person to see them alive.

How about this one, where a stepfather killed his daughter and them made an emotional media appeal:

It happens all the time. In fact the police sometimes encourage a suspect to do this as they know that it will be harder for them to keep up the facade when they are in the spotlight.

7. Rambling Man - September 28, 2007

fair enough. don’t you think that the portugese police would have been able to “break them” for want of a better description – presumably, as normal people and doctors to boot, they don’t murder people every day so this would’ve been out of their character and thus more noticable ?

8. Lilac - December 4, 2007

SK may God forgive you for that comment. ALL missing children deserve to be in the media, even Madeleine. Whether she is alive or not to say that she has received too much attention is not nice. It isn’t the parents fault that other children are not publicized as much. Any parent with a missing child does what they can. I pray you never experience such an event, or the criticism others feel they must express while your grieving. I pray that all missing children are found no matter who they are!

9. moroccanlamps - December 24, 2007

Moroccans have blond people too, and that girl is Moroccan, people are going crazy

10. Amber - July 12, 2008

hi is doesent matter if you it is her or not as long as u find her she is one beautiful little girl that needs caring for give her love and she may cum bck xxx

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