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The downside of the smoking ban September 25, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.
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Regular readers will have noticed a distinct lull in the usual flurry of blog-worthy activity around these parts over the last week – but fear not ! The Rambling Man has come home to roost. It suffices to say that the golf courses of Sligo are thankful !

One of the more standout things I noticed while on holiday at the other end of the country was the unfortunate similarities that exist when it comes to the smoking ban. Even amid breathtakingly stunning scenery and hordes of UK and American tourists, there are a multitude of horrible, stinking, overflowing and rancid cigarette butt buckets adorning the outsides of even the most luxurious hotels.

One of the days we played here – a new 4 star and quite impressive hotel, golf course and wellness * centre; complete with 350 guests at the biggest Scouse/Irish wedding this side of the Shannon had ever seen. And this brought with it hordes of smokers only dying (sorry!) to get outside and have a fag. Suffice to say that the outside of this hotel could well have done without (a) the strings of people creating a huge plume of stale smoke (b) the rancid bucket of fag ends and horrible looking sand that was outside and (c) the two loud and loutish women hanging out the window of their bedroom, fag in hand making the whole place look like a bit of a Carry On film … Lovely place other than that !

S o can anyone think of a good way of enforcing the smoking ban outside ? Most people seem happy enough to go outside and not smoke indoors but in Ireland this has given rise to a new pseudo-smoking industry, whereby the front of many an attractive hotel, guesthouse, bar etc. has been taken down a notch or three by the remnants of someones Marlboro Light fix …

It just ain’t right !

* what does wellness mean ?  I’m off to the hotel for some wellness … sounds like an arty-farty word to me



1. SK - September 25, 2007

This is a symptom of the biggest problem with smokers, they way they acty as if they have a god given right to dump their butts anywhere. I think the figures are that 60-70% of all litter is butts?

Of course I have a great idea (TM) to sort this out. Slap a 15c refundable deposit on cigarette filters. It will add €3 to the price of a packet. But if the smoker brings the 20 filters back then can get a refund. It would quickly end the problem, and give people an incentive to clean up old butts too.

It’s just a shame it would never work in practice.

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3. Rambling Man - September 25, 2007

i can just imagine the fringe industry that would create, with every little scanger in the place going round gathering fag ends off the street ! SK i think you’re on to summat !

4. Matt - September 25, 2007

Speaking as a dirty, filthy smoker, I’d like to point out that the problem with cigarette butts doesn’t occur as much in locations with outdoor ashtrays.

Another solution would be to ban filtered cigarettes completely, so only roll-ups were permitted, as tobacco and cigarette paper is fairly bio-degradable, whereas the synthetic part of a cigarette butt can last 25 years in the wild.

5. Joe Camel - September 25, 2007

Of course it’s more fun to squawk about cigarette butts than to provide a proper container.

Sorry to spoil your fun, but I carry a pocket ashtray.And my answer
to would-be squawkers is three words: Blowit Oucher Ass.

6. Rambling Man - September 25, 2007

hey man it ain’t my job to provide containers for people who may or may not feel like throwing litter on the street just cos theres nowhere else to put it …

well done on carrying a pocket ashtray – not everyone is as responsible.

7. Joe Camel - September 25, 2007

Rambling Man:

You antismoking a——-would be funny if you weren’t so pitiful.You turn all colors at a few cigarette butts on the ground and ignore tons of other litter. You ignore the fact that you breathe two pounds a day of automotive and industrial fumes and have a s— hemorrhage at a wisp of cigarette smoke.

For the government to give the upper hand to creeps like you is barbaric.

8. Rambling Man - September 25, 2007

i love you too joe !

9. SK - September 26, 2007

Joe, all the stats show that fag butts are the vast majority of litter in this country. What gets me is when a smoker standing beside a bin will just throw the butt on the ground. They make no effort.

BTW, I hate the internal combustion engine as well.

10. Joe Camel - September 26, 2007

Well, SK, why can’t the butts be swept up with other litter? Why can’t those nifty butt urns be provided? Because some folks want to kick smokers around for any possible reason. A pox on that kind.

BTW, let’s junk all the engines and walk. It’s good exercise and won’t warm the planet, and you’d only have to work 10 minutes a day.

11. Rambling Man - September 26, 2007

now i like the sound of that !

12. laura - September 26, 2007

I’d like to make all litter bugs go sit in a skip or a dump for a week. That might stop them being such insensitive, environmentally unaware gobshites. Joe, cigarette but, baby wipe, burger paper, you are all just ignorant morons. There should be a tax on anything disposable, sandwich bags, paper cups, cigarette butts etc. Might help the ignoramii to use bins. I’ve seen people standing next to bins drop litter and butts. It’s nothing to do with being anti-smoking. But hey, this is Ireland, land of the completely ignorant. Green Isle my ass.

13. laura - September 26, 2007

Oh, Rambling Man, the solution to the goddam smokers blocking entrances is a ten metre exclusion zone outside doorways. What pisses me off about these smokers blocking the entrances is that they get annoyed with you for asking them to move out of the way. I’ve been threatened and shouted at for asking people not to block vestibules and entrances. Smokers are just ignorant! End of the story. Get out of the bloody entrance. If you find it so cold, then stay inside and don’t bloody smoke. Every cigarette is doing you damage, so going without one can only help.

14. Rambling Man - September 27, 2007

i’d say if i had politely suggested that at the crowd i saw, i would’ve been not so politely asked to foxtrot oscar

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16. Joe Camel - September 27, 2007

Rambling Man:

What an appropriate alias. This blog is about the Fraud of the Century, not golf.

To you clowns having a problem with somebody standing in your path at an entrance, or having your clothes stink of something besides sweat, or a cigarette butt on the ground, etc,etc., be grateful that that’s the worst problem you have.

International dictators aim to reduce humans to the level of livestock and you’re cheering them on. Good luck.

17. Rambling Man - September 27, 2007

hey thats no way to talk about george w !

18. SerialComplainer - September 29, 2007

Ever tried entering Holles St hospital? You have to ‘run the gauntlet’ of heavily-pregnant ladies and the new mums in their jammies and dressing gowns puffing away on the steps and along the street. And of course, there is a dedicated smoking area (with ashtrays and seats and shelter) provided in the hospital car park, but no – the visitors (and the new babies leaving hospital) have to put up with the 2nd hand smoke.

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20. Mick - October 23, 2007

Here in the U.S. the smoking problem is just as prevalent but more and more we’re seeing a big crack down on smoking in buildings or other public places. If someone wants to smoke – smoke – but keep the disgusting habit away from people who don’t like it. Don’t drop the butts on the ground while walking or by flicking it out the window of a car. I’m tired of all those low class losers who can’t just keep the butts with them and then throw it away later. No one should have to cater to the “needs” of smokers by providing containers, but even with these containers the low class morons of the world will continue to throw the butts on the ground. I do wish people would use pocket ashtrays here. I’ve never seen one used.

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