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The Madeleine McCann case September 14, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.

Like many other bloggers, I have stayed away from commenting on the Madeleine McCann case – there’s enough rumor and innuendo and suspicion out there without my tuppence ha’penny’s worth. But today, given the hanging the parents are getting in the papers, I feel I would just like to give my opinions on why I think someone somewhere is having a really, really huge toffee crisp !

The media have no right to be speculating and deciding people’s fate and claiming this that and the other happened unless they know it is concretely correct – but sure since when did that stop them. And therein lies the problem – nothing in Portugal is done the same way as the UK as regards the legal system and the ability of police and suspects to talk to the media. And this leads to the scrum of hype, suspicion and other things …

So to the case and what I think about it – bearing in mind that there’s a little, defenceless girl out there somewhere or perhaps dead …

1) She was kidnapped and is being trafficked somewhere.
I don’t believe this could have just happened. The McCanns have said the door was locked to their apartment and there were no signs of forced entry. So if Madeleine opened the door and wandered in search of her parents, there would have had to have been a person with the propensity to kidnap children and all that entails right there on the spot at that exact time. At that exact time, they would’ve had to make the decision to take her or not to take her. The probability of that is very low in my opinion.

2) She was drugged by her parents and it went wrong.
I think this is outlandish. The parents of Madeleine would have had to have known the probable dangers of drugging a child too much – they are doctors. If they did it and it went wrong, how could they have then just casually gone to dinner with their friends and quickly concocted a story of abduction. If they know they did it, how could they bring themselves into the glare of the world’s media and sustain it for 4 months without cracking … and how could they deceive everyone who fundraised and helped them and sympathised with them. Unless they were complete cold hearted psychos – which they are not, in my opinion.

3) Madeleine got up looking for her Mum & Dad and thinking she knew where they were, wandered off and came to some harm.
I think this is the most likely scenario but one that doesn’t auger well for her. I think she got up, opened the door and thought she was going the right way but came to some harm – like fell into the harbour or got hit by a car who then decided to hide the body … or managed to get herself somewhere (cave, well, hole, ditch …) that she couldn’t get out of. I just feel so sorry for this beautiful child.

Whatever happens from now out, the likelihood of Madeleine being found safe and well diminished with every passing hour. It must be a nightmare for her parents – there but for the grace of God go all us parents. Until and if proven otherwise, our thoughts must be with the McCanns …

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1. laurie - September 14, 2007

i’m not reading much about this case because we have enough child abuse and child death and missing child stories here of our own, and i find them sad and wearying.

however….is the media speculating? that would be wrong. or is the media reporting on various scenarios that have been put forth by people in authority? that would be their job.

(i get a big prickly when the media is lambasted. often, we deserve it. but just as often, we don’t.)

2. Rambling Man - September 14, 2007

point taken laurie.
in this case though, the red tops in particular are speculating because by law, the portuguese police are not allowed to discuss cases with the media. period. even court cases are completely closed.

so the information being printed is conjecture as far as most are concerned. and its the more sensationalist british media where the more sensationalist stories appear …

either that or there are a few dodgy portuguese policemen leaking stuff …

3. Laurie - September 14, 2007

really? even closed court cases? wow.
how does anyone ever find out the truth about any crimes?

(what are red tops?)

4. Rambling Man - September 15, 2007

red tops are tabloids

5. irishflirtysomething - September 16, 2007

Am trying not to follow the case as it is overly voyeuristic but almost impossible not to.

6. Posh press - September 17, 2007

It’s horrible how our emotions are raised, stretched and eventually dropped by saturation newspaper coverage.

7. Rambling Man - September 17, 2007

i wonder will the truth ever come out …

8. Evilpbrain - October 16, 2007

Madeleine must be dead now i mean how can you hide a girl for so long without the press knowing

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