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Time to go Stan September 13, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.

OK, so I’ve never been a fan of Staunton the manager …. Staunton the player was one of the best to ever don our shirt.

It’s not insignificant that the three Gods of Irish football punditry – Messers Giles, Dunphy, and Brady – all called for Staunton to be replaced. May I add my voice to the ever increasing tumult calling for change in the F.A.I. – both at managerial and officer level.

We don’t want Staunton’s head on a platter – no, he’s been too good a servant for that – he came, he tried, he didn’t conquer. He is not good enough. To quote John Giles, “We’re not making the best use of our playing resources” and to quote Dunphy, “We have some very good players coming through – these kids deserve a decent manager to organise and motivate them properly !”

So resign Stan – lest you become the biggest laughing stock in world football and a figure of derision from your once loyal public. Be able to go on the Late Late and hold your head relatively high with Pat Kenny singing your prases and watching clips of you in that silly cap in the New York sun … now is the time to save face.

And if there are any “real” football men in the F.A.I., realise you got it wrong and admit it. There’s no shame in making a mistake. Appoint someone better – with the relevant qualifications – and pay them a lot of money. Maybe then will we not have to support Scotland or England in the 2010 World Cup.

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1. mocky - September 13, 2007

Completly agree. Although lots of blame must lie with John Delaney and the rest of the FAI. A complete reconstruction of the organisation is what is needed. How it has gone on for this long is just mind boggling. How do they come up with these decisions.
Staunton gave his all as a player – and well done to him, but he is woefully under qualified and under experienced as an internationl manager. Irish football is going through probably the most depressing time ever at the moment and it needs somebody to turn things around. Staunton hasn’t got it – that’s a fact. And as for the ‘he gave it his best’ brigade. Loser talk.

2. RamblingMan - September 13, 2007

thanks mocky – yeah, we’re in a bad state alright. but for the FAI and Delaney etc. to step down there’d have to be some sort of admission that they were crap. and they won’t step down or anything because it’d be saying they made the wrong decision in the first place.

they won’t pay a world class manager the money – thats why they went for staunton because they pay him relatively less than an average international manager and they can tell him what to do and he won’t question it. why would he – after being a nobody coach at stockport or wherever, he was plucked from obscurity to manage an international team – i wouldn’t have said no either !

3. JL Pagano - September 13, 2007

Here’s a quote from the FAI website you won’t be too crazy about…

“FAI officials believe that the senior international squad is making progress despite last night’s disappointing result in Prague against the Czech Republic.”

I guess they consider sliding down the FIFA rankings to be progress!!!

4. francis mahon - September 16, 2007

Why don’t the FAI take another real risk, and offer the job to Roy Keane? Top three reasons:

1. They can’t afford him.
2. He’d tell John Delaney where to shove his contract.
3. He might actually achieve something with the team.

5. Roryimmadrid - September 27, 2007

Agree with every one of you. What’s going to happen? The fans will do the only thing they can, and stay away in droves. Croker will become a cavern, half empty, a place where no one will want to play. And then it won’t be too long before it’s adios SKY and the corporate hospitality and when he’s asked where it all went wrong, Stan will still still be there, in the hot seat saying You Tell Me.

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