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Phrase of the Day #170 – as Gaeilge September 8, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Say it like it is.

Nothing significant but just a few useful phrases to know if you ever come to dear ole Ireland.

Phrase : Bhí an aimsir fliuch agus gaofar ar maidin.
Pronounced : vee on I’m-shir fluck og-uss gweefarr ar modd-jin
Meaning : The weather was wet and windy this morning

Hat tip : here



1. laurie - September 8, 2007

you can probably use that expression several times a day, every day,eh?

2. francis mahon - September 9, 2007

C’mon now, we are having our usual September weather… I was at the Wexford Rally yesterday, heading out again at 07:00 this morning – shirt sleeves all round, and the poor drivers were boiling in their, erm, boiler-suits!

There are as many Irish language resources as you can shake a stick at available on http://www.gaeilge.ie/, by the way…

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