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Property website grumble September 4, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Does anyone know a good property website ?  Not that I’m looking to buy anywhere at the moment but I often find myself scribbling the names of websites down on the nearest bit of paper when out driving in the country.  “I’ll look that up later on”, I keep telling myself,  “just to see how much they want” – and inevitably to gasp loudly and incredulously at the same figure.

How often have I actually found details of the quaint cottage in Bally-go-backwards, only to have two or three really quite shite pictures appear on the screen.  Are they trying to sell their living room wall, I’ve often asked ?  The standard of pictures is sometimes really as woeful as the descriptions …

I often thought I’d do a better job describing houses as I feel the end user gets tired of the same old “immaculate condition throughout” kind of jargon.  And don’t you think that a property that “has the benefit of central heating” would be better served with a less flowery description … now if it “had the benefit” of 25 acres of prime land complete with your own farmer and team of Brazilian mushroom pickers then that’d be something …

Take this house for example – at least I think it’s a house … you can’t read the map !  Listen people – do your websites a favour and get proper photographers to take images of your house and scan in documents properly …

I have little to be worrying about, I guess …



1. laurie - September 5, 2007

hmmm, that one looks like undeveloped property, to me.

we have a good website here, but it will only be useful to you if you want to buy property in minnesota.

you can search by zip code, or price, or street number, or whatever. and it’s loaded with photos. i like to spy on my neighbors, see what their houses look like on the inside and how much they’re asking.


2. Rambling Man - September 5, 2007

nah not thinking of moving to minnesota anytime soon laurie – you’ll be the first one i’ll call if i change my mind though …

3. laurie - September 6, 2007

you can bunk with us! we have a spare room. though it might get crowded with all of yous. and not sure riley would welcome your molly,

4. Rambling Man - September 6, 2007

does he get jealous ? molly is much better with anabel now … she even lets the baby crawl all over her and bonk her on the head with stuffed toys !

5. laurie - September 7, 2007

not sure if it’s jealous, exactly. he’s wary of stranger dogs. but if theyr’e smaller than he is, he’s usually fine.

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