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Phrase of the Day #168 August 31, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Say it like it is.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”

– Peter F. Drucker



1. laurie - August 31, 2007

hey, rambling–i’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time: what’s “the great drawin’ down”? where does that phrase come from?

2. Rambling Man - August 31, 2007

what’s “the great drawin’ down”?
well there may be a more advanced etymology for the phrase but around here it means that you’re in trouble !

e.g Don’t say something like that or the boss will draw down on top of us.

It also means “to discuss something” with someone … e.g. did john draw down with you about the game ?
Everything was fine until you drew down about the Pope and his policies !

3. laurie - August 31, 2007

aha. a useful phrase. and a colorful one. thanks!

4. Kerryguy (Tom) - September 2, 2007

I’m loving your blog more every day!
Love that quote about communication!
Anyway…keep blogging away!
You’ve got a gift for “communication” yourself and, indeed, alot of us are “listening”!

5. Rambling Man - September 2, 2007

thanks tom. i will be sure to check your blog out too.

6. this is it - September 7, 2007

This is a message

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