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Why tabloids are shite August 30, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

Well there I was last Sunday, all set fora fabulous day out at the local car boot sale (well semi-local) so I decided to buy a tabloid Sunday paper that I could glance through in moments of quiet sales.  Far easier than opening a broadsheet (which I normally get and never finish) and dealing with pull out sections, free magazines and all sorts … Happy Days !

And so I bought the Star on Sunday, without really reading the headlines or looking to see what it was up to … and then I brought it out later to have a quick gander.  They normally have good sports sections and so on …

WHAT DRIVEL !  Within the first 10 seconds of reading the front page I quickly realised why it is that tabloids are shite and good for nothing more than gratuitous D-List celebrity flesh soon to be nothing more than winter fire kindling.

So what was the story that turned me off ?  Well, the good folks at the Star had decided that it wasn’t teens killing one another in Liverpool or our crap Health Service or Aer Lingus leaving Shannon that would make headline news !  It was some woman who – wait for it – committed a lewd act on the DART, don’tcha know !

Upon reading further into the “story” – Read more on Pages 4 & 5 – WOW ! – it appeared that this woman and some fella she’d just met decided to get rather amorous on the DART and proceeded to have a bit of how’s your father much to the astonishment of innocent passengers !  Apparently the poor oul wan in the seat opposite had a heart attack on the spot, not having been exposed to a mickey since she once saw her husband getting out of the bath ! BULLSHIT – if you read the story then the headline didn’t match !  Sure she didn’t even put out for the poor fella … and kept her clothes on !

Now that is a shock – “Woman charged with public indecency for keeping her clothes on !”.  So please stop reporting about shite hoping that the mention of a bit of nookie will sell your paper …



1. laurie - August 30, 2007

this story made me laugh, though i’m also glad i didn’t have to pay good money for it.

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