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That’s what I call bad weather ! August 21, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.

Weather – it’s a worldwide obsession … nowhere more so than in this country, where it starts 8 out of 10 of every conversation we ever begin. But if we think what we’ve endured over the course of this summer was “bad weather” then think again … we don’t know how lucky we are !

I refer, of course, to the impending misery that Hurrican Dean is about to unleash on the coast of Mexico. Yesterday, this 700 mile wide monster storm was heading for the Yucatán Peninsula on Mexico’s east coast … an area heavily dependant on tourism.  700 miles wide – just think about that the next time you look up into the sky and curse the grey clouds about to unleash a bit of drizzly rain onto Ireland.  700 miles – thats the distance from Paris to Barcelona.  A storm that big is unfathomable to us … authorities from places as far apart as St.Lucia and Lousiana are on full alert, hoping to avoid significant damage in what is only the first serious hurricane of the Atlantic season.

According to the National Hurricane Center in the USA, this storm can do catastrophic damage.  Not just blocked drains or muddy concert fields or cancelled golf outings !

Dictonary.com defines catastrophic as “a sudden and widespread disaster” …nothing would be safe … trees might come hurtling into your kitchen – wait no …. your kitchen would be f*cked too ! This storm can lift cars into the air and throw them hundreds of feet. On top of stuff ! and it can rip a person apart with its 165 kph sustained winds …

So from now on, here at the Rambling Man, and although it depresses us greatly, Irish weather will forevermore always be defined as “grand” …. as in “Today is a grand, soft day thank God.”

Bad weather where you are ?  You don’t know the half of it !

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1. laurie - August 22, 2007

in southern minnesota, not too far from here, there were catastrophic floods over the weekends. yards washed away, and you see pictures of houses teetering on the edge of new cliffs.
roads washed away, and people drowned just driving down the highway to get to work.
one old couple died when the road just collapsed in front of them and their car plunged into a 30-foot pit.
yowser. and i’m complaining because it’s so humid here my windows stick…

2. Rambling Man - August 22, 2007

i saw the pictures of trees and stuff on your blog. god man, we’ve got no concept of extreme weather. hope the doggies were OK !

3. laurie - August 23, 2007

doggies were terrorized by thunder but otherwise unscathed. the little cowards.

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