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The current Sky Sports advert August 13, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Sports.

Has anyone seen the latest Sky Sports advert for the upcoming football season ?  It’s full of the usual razzle-dazzle, we’re the best TV station for football in the world ever, sort of a deal …

I caught the advert a couple of times yesterday while getting my fill of the new Premiership season (it’s been a long few months), and lo-and-behold wasn’t there a bit of Irish interest nearing the end of the advert.

It went something like this … “Join Sky Sports now, because we’ve got more live games than anyone else from ….” and then they started to list out the divisions they cover … Premiership, Championship, Scottish Premier league and so on …

“And we’ve even got great International Football from England …” – cue presenter standing in the middle of Wembley, surrounded by roaring fans …

“And Scotland …” – cue presenter standing in a stadium surrounded by the suitably clad Tartan Army …

“And the Republic of Ireland ! ” – cue presenter, you’ve guessed it, in a pub, surrounded by a pint toting, leprechaun hat wearing rabble …

This is what Sky Sports think of us, dear readers … “Sure we won’t even bother going to an Irish stadium (if we had one!) or gathering suitably clad supporters outside a fake stadium – we’ll just head to the nearest boozer, get locked and portray them that way !

Accurate indeed.



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