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It’s official – God hates Ireland August 13, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

God hates Ireland !

It’s official … no amount of praying or going to mass, making ham and cabbage sangwidges for 98 year old Mrs. McSweeney over the road or being friendly to thy neighbour and all that lark can do us any good whatsoever … God hates us and he’s even gone and got Himself a website just to prove the point !

I jest, of course … God doesn’t really hate us ! This idiot and his silly website do though, it seems. I’ll let the first few paragraphs of the diatribe on the page speak for themselves. Suffice to say that according to Fred, we’re all banjaxed because we’re all Satan loving sodomites. If he didn’t mean it, the website would be both hilarious in its outlandishness and provocative in the extreme.

I’ll take my chances with the powers that be (up there !) Mr.Phelps – I might fare a little better than you methinks …



1. Caoimhin - August 13, 2007

Who was the clever author of the letter of invitation from the debate society? It would have been a riot to see this clown handcuffed and dragged before a judge for incitement to hatred! Unfortunately there are hundreds of these fringe cults, several in fact, very much like this one, operate in Ireland under the carelessly audited Charitable Status legislation.

2. Rambling Man - August 14, 2007

didn’t the letter say that they were having the debate on gay adoption though ? he must’ve known something was up …

3. Rambling Man - August 14, 2007

great name for a blog by the way !

4. francis mahon - August 14, 2007

Maybe Phelps should call his site “God Hates Students” – wouldn’t that be closer to the truth – after all, doesn’t everyone hate students?

5. Rambling Man - August 15, 2007

yes and IT people !

6. francis mahon - August 15, 2007

So the IT students are really in trouble then!

7. Rambling Man - August 15, 2007

hopefully there wont be too many students in trouble tomorrow – the leaving results were out today !

8. David - September 12, 2007

If god hates us……then he’s a right b****x

But seriously…..what ever happened to the typical American steriotype of the Irish being a bunch of horny leprechans who went around shaging every woman they laid eyen on and had 20 children who all emigrated to New York to become construction workers, policemen and firefighters?

9. Rambling Man - September 12, 2007

it mustn’t have reached the good reverend ! if you go to his site theres the hilarious sight of two women jumping on a tricolour !

TIOCFAIDH AR LA - January 26, 2010

like the way u say THE GOOD REVEREND makes me laugh phelps is an ass hole like you and should be put down like d animal that he is and the same goes for you

10. Lauren - October 13, 2007

Wow. It seems Phelps’s hate really does know no bounds! Sheesh.

On behalf of the (not so) good ol’ United States – I wholly apologize for that abomination.

11. Rambling Man - October 14, 2007

ain’t your fault lauren – one bad apple and all that … thanks for the comment.

12. James Colemann - December 9, 2007

Seeing nuts like that makes me a bit ashamed to live in America. Yowzers. As for where the stereotype went, that’s easy- America heard the Chieftains, liked them, and forgot anything bad they ever said.

13. Rambling Man - December 9, 2007

don’t you mean “the wolfe tones” james ?

14. your ma - January 25, 2008

Eire OG is what ya need Ramblin man 🙂

15. MrsBunnsy - April 1, 2008

Well we’re obviously doing something right.

…God Loves Potato Famines???

16. TIOCFAIDH AR LA - January 26, 2010

fuck you rambling man rambling gob shite id say u are a pathetic small minded shit head with a tiny little brain thats if you have one so much of a coward is what you and all your wierdo friends are

17. RamblingMan - January 27, 2010

Good man yourself Chucky ! Nothing like a constructive comment ! I suppose you forgot to notice the tone of my post – the one actually saying that this fella was an idiot … ?

Is there any particular reason I am all these colourful things that you have called me ?

PS : Ever heard of a full stop ?

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