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The funniest thing I’ve ever heard August 2, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish, Poetry & Humor, Say it like it is.

Conversations at tea break are always a great blog topic, dontcha think ?  Today’s debate was “the funniest thing you’ve ever seen” or in my case, heard.

Without doubt, it was years back when I was living in Dublin.  The 123 bus route used to provide me with more than enough amusement on my journeys but this evening – a particularly wet evening – the bus was stopped for some reason at its bus stop.  Full and ready to go but going nowhere – you know the type !

Anyway, a typical American couple bedecked in green pants and inadequate rain hoods knocked politely on the door of the bus, guide book in hand and when the driver opened it, they politely began their enquiry.

Chuck and Marg – “Ahhh, excuse me, does this bus go past the Guinness brewery ?”  So loud you could hear them midway down the bus …

Driver – “Ah jaysis shewer yissid be betthar aof jus feckin’ wawkin’ up deyer and take the fuurst streeh’ on yisser rihe – the brewereee is ony fi-av minits frum theyar !”

Chuck – “Sorry buddy.  We only speak English !”

Oh how the bus rocked with the chortles of the passengers.  In the end, some oul wan got up and told Chuck and Marg an understandable version of the directions.  The bus driver wasn’t a happy camper …



1. Laurie - August 3, 2007

why am i not surprised that the funniest thing you heard was some stupid thing a stupid american said?

i wish most of us would stay home. (except me.)

2. Rambling Man - August 4, 2007

but thats just it – it wasn’t a dumb thing to say ! it was the perfect thing to say … it was the bus driver who fell off the linguistic ladder a long time ago !

3. laurie - August 4, 2007

maybe i’m predisposed to not like americans who wear green pants to ireland. were they wearing those orange-white-and-green. dr. seuss hats, too?

4. Devin - August 5, 2007

Hmmm,I’d wager the Americans were atrociously dressed.That’s what makes it all the funnier.

To be nailed like that is bad enough but to be nailed like that by a Yank dressed like colour blind gay golfers is desperate altogether.

5. Dean - April 26, 2011

and I bet your a bunch of foot fairy soccer fans, oh sorry football… the shitty kind.

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