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More search engine terms … August 1, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

A few more interesting ones from the depths of the search engine terms people use to find their way here …

“Does Southern Ireland have post codes ? ”
No, we don’t. We wouldn’t know what a postcode was if it jumped up and BT3 F2w ‘d us … the man across the street gets his mail at the following address : Paddy Leary, Ballymyjaysis, Carlow, Ireland … it’s that simple. But not for our friends across the water …

“Taoiseach Harrington”
Jaysis I know the man’s just won the Open Championship but Harrington for Taoiseach ? Steady on …

“Can you be both catholic and protestant ?”
Erm, what a strange question … as far as I know, officially, you can’t be both … but I’m open (John !) to correction …

“How do I put an irish sim in an english phone ?”
You open the back, take out the English SIM and put in the Irish one. The SIMS are the same. You would be able to use your “Irish” number in England but not without it going back through Ireland and roaming this way would cost you a fortune. The SIMs are what matter – the handsets irrelevant for the most part. So why bother changing the SIMs ?

“The irish knacker photos”
You didn’t find them here nor do I know to which photos you refer … I’m not into photos of people who render dead horses into glue …

“unhair people yes”
No comment !

“Irish way to say you’re beautiful”
Not sure if this person wants the Irish Gaelic for “You’re beautiful looking” or they just want to know the socio-Hibernic way of telling someone you’re attracted to them …

Anyway, the first is “Tá tú go hálainn” [ taw too guh haw-linn ] meaning “You are lovely!”
and the second is “Are ya dancin’ ?”

More soon …



1. Lette - August 2, 2007

you could always say ‘Your a crackin BURD!!!’ LOL!!

2. Rambling Man - August 2, 2007

sounds like a thing a dubliner would say … actually the funniest thing i ever heard was a dublin bus driver and some american tourists … i must blog about it

Reggie - May 21, 2009

And? And? Did you ever blog about it? Where’s the link???? 🙂

3. Rambling Man - May 21, 2009

sure did – right here ! called the funniest thing i ever heard !

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