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The many scents of incense July 28, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Myself and TGW (The Good Wife) were most intrigued yesterday when browsing through a local shop – one of those shops that I call “smelly shops” but in proper terms sells funky, incense, smelly, happy-clappy New Age sorts of shite like candles and scented soap, hemp and essential oils ! I though Omega 3 was an essential oil but I was wrong – I don’t know what I did heretofore without Evening Primrose scented with early season Jasmine with a hint of Tea Tree !

Anyway whilst not paying attention to anything in particular,my gaze was drawn to the various different forms of incense sticks available. These, I believe, are the sticks that you set in an incense holder and burn the one end of … a terrific pong wonderful scent emits from them and brightens up the whole house – apparently ! Our house smells like dog and last night’s dinner, so I wouldn’t know.

So what hit me only Cannabis flavour ! Now of course, there were the Blackberry and Passion Fruit sorts and all the rest of it but Ganja flavoured incense ! Why not just spark up a bifter instead ? It’d be more authentic …

I got a clip round the ear ‘ole when I suggested that the Female flavoured one might be a scent one more normally associated with $%*^&* – I meant cooking of course, but I got a belt all the same !

Check out the shots below …

blackcurrant.jpg passionruit.jpg cannabis.jpg and then came female1.jpg



1. laurie - July 29, 2007

did you buy any?

incense gives me a headache.

2. Rambling Man - July 30, 2007

nah didn’t get any. i’d quite like to try some because our house generally smells of wet dog … but I was overruled. Maybe if they had an Irish stew flavour …

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