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Sea sickness sucks July 17, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

I have just this past Sunday returned from our semi-annual family get together, where members of the Rambling clan gather from all corners of these islands to partake in many mindless activities and a fair few pints …

This year we decided to go fishing – not content with trying our luck from the local pier, we decided to hire a boat – a proper deep sea capable boat – and headed out from Youghal harbour on Sunday morning. Hell, it even stopped raining for a few hours.

Aside – I have a problem with tinnitus and it effects my inner ear apparently. This was to be a large catalyst in the disaster that follows …

To say that I felt the rumblings of unease in the pit of my person as soon as the boat left the relatively calm waters of the harbour would not be an understatement. From there on, the skipper let the throttle down and the 500 hp engine fired us out into open water, in search of a wreck 13 miles off the coast. Yes folks, 13 long and choppy miles. With each breaker and trough, the boat shuddered as it ploughed through regardless of the watery terrain. The horrible feeling grew and grew but I said nothing … some of my relatives had, after all, come from London for this very weekend.

After a brief stop to catch some live bait – I reprieved slightly when the fish hit – we were on our way again, weaving in and out of 6 foot swells. Then we came to a stop over a well known fishing hole and the crew started landing fish of all shapes, sizes and resistance ! I even managed to snag a 4lb pollack and a dozen or so mackerel, before succumbing to sitting on a gas canister towards the stern; my rod holding on to me for dear life.

Shouts of glee and “Well done!” were heard but all this time the haze in my head was growing … I knew what was coming and so did the other lads on my side of the boat. They kindly vacated the immediate area while I ceremoniously lost my breakfast over the side. I thought I would be a bit the better for it but alas no – that damn inner ear, balance thing. I got worse. I knew we weren’t returning to port for another 2 hours at least – everyone else (well, nearly everyone!) was loving it ! There were landlubbers catching 6 foot conger eels for jaysis sake !

The last thing I remember was slumping back from the latest heave over the side, shaking all over and someone making a smart comment about me sounding like a broken outboard motor. Then all was lost. Apparently I sat there, as grey as the water and gurgled loudly to myself.

To my great relief, my relatives took pity on me and decided to head for calmer waters an hour or so before schedule. They had all succeeded in at least catching some form of dinner or other. I will be forever grateful. I honestly can say that I have never, ever felt so truly horribly sick and nauseous in my entire life. I grew up around boats and love fishing … this has taught me just what sort of fishing I love … the shore based kind !

So to the 7 weary and charitable sailors who endured me this past weekend, I give thanks. Sea sickness is a bitch.



1. laurie - July 17, 2007

ah, poor you! you have my sympathy. i get seasick in small boats, too.

when doug and i went to the aran islands a few years back we took Dramamine to keep the queasiness down. it worked. but what we hadn’t known is that it also puts you to sleep.

we got to the island, staggered to our b&b, and collapsed and snored away most of the afternoon. since we were only there for a couple of days, we slept right through a big chunk of our trip.

2. Rambling Man - July 17, 2007

i can still feel my throat 2 days later ! i dont think drugs would’ve helped me

3. Eva - July 17, 2007

I’m feeling for you. I spent the best part of a day spewing chunks on the way from the Orkneys to North Scotland. 14 hours in the boat, I’ve never been so sick. Afterwards I couldnt laugh about it due to the pains in my ribs from throwing up!

4. theswissjob - July 17, 2007

That was me by the way. The better half had logged in before. She’s too classy to use phrases like “spewing chunks!”

5. Rambling Man - July 17, 2007

oh there were many’s a chunk spewed on sunday … imagine your head and neck feeling like they would explode because you were wreching so much with your whole body … not funny

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