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Phrase of the Day #154 July 12, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Say it like it is.

“If I were dropped out of a plane into the ocean and told the nearest land was 1,000 miles away, I’d still try and swim.  And I’d despise the one who gave up.” – Abraham Maslow



1. laurie - July 13, 2007

spoken like a man who’s never really encountered any actual obstacles…

2. Rambling Man - July 13, 2007

do you mean him or me ?

3. Cannon - July 13, 2007

Nice lesser known quote. Also, he said, “Don’t think all of life is a toothache just because your tooth hurts now.” Maslow’s whole life was full of professional obstacles, doubts, lows and highs, just like everybody else’s. But he knew that if he gave up, there would never be a tipping point. Like Colin Wilson, some believe Maslow’s real influence wouldn’t be felt until the 21st Century.

The quote is good in the light of what the military must be going through in Iraq. There is a best of humanity for every worst of humanity. If the best give up, we’re lost.

Faulkner’s Nobel Prize speech is good along these lines. Check:
http://www.maslow.org/audio/faulkner.mp3! Enjoy!

4. Rambling Man - July 13, 2007

thanks cannon – i’ll check it out

5. irishflirtysomething - July 14, 2007

Not sure I could breast stroke for 1000 miles.

Before I go can I ask *cough cough* if you can update my link please. http://www.irishflirtysomething.com

6. Rambling Man - July 16, 2007

done ! sorry for not doing it sooner – hope the new site is going well

7. Laurie - July 16, 2007

oops just checked back. not you! i didn’t mean you! i meant the guy who said the quote originally. i admire his tenacity and will–i don’t doubt those–but it also sounds a little unreasonable. sometimes people do give up. and they have good reason.

8. Greg, Offaly, Ireland - July 26, 2007

F#ck that, I think if I were dropped out of an airplane, I wouldn’t be waiting till I hit water before trying to reach land, I’d rev up those wings that god gave me, what have you got to lose! also basic trig. shortest route – the hypotinuse – just point me in the right direction ->

9. Rambling Man - July 26, 2007

i think a thousand miles out we’d pretty much all be fucked – unless we came across a floating crowbar or something to hould onta

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