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I’m over heee-rrreeee !! July 9, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

I recently bought 2 items on the interweb – one from the far off western shores of Americay and the other from just “across the wather” …

Two and a half days later, my package – a brand, spanking new golf club – arrived unharmed from the USA. Two weeks later and the book I ordered from good ‘ol Blighty still hasn’t been seen this side of Cardiff !

Think about it :

Big, long, awkward golf club in a huge box – 2.5 days
Small, relatively light book in medium sized padded envelope …. God knows how long.

Why, oh why is Ireland as a destination and a delivery point so hard to grasp for our friends in the UK ?  So we don’t have postcodes – deal with it !

Need I remind patrons about the bath from Homebase saga ?



1. Laurie - July 9, 2007

just another way for the brits to torment you paddies, i believe.

old habits die hard, you know.

2. Rambling Man - July 10, 2007

tormented is right ! i believe my book is being routed through paris because ireland is classified as “continental europe” and then the french send it back to the UK because they don’t know the difference between Ireland and the UK …

3. laurie - July 10, 2007

heck, the UK doesn’t know the difference between ireland and the UK.

when i was in Rye a couple of months ago, i had to buy an electrical adaptor because the one i’d brought didn’t work in england. i told the hardware store guy, “it’s funny because the one i have worked in ireland,” and he said, “well then it should work here, too. we’re all part of the UK.”

and doug dragged me out of the store before i could start hollering.

4. Greg, Offaly, Ireland - July 26, 2007

Yea man I empatise with you, (great site btw just stumbled across it) I have been subscribed to a no. of British publications (all lower shelf) as I find there generally better than there Irish counterparts, well anyway they the writers encourage Irish readership and participation BUT there marketing dept. seem to come from the same public school of taught as Homebase in that Postage or delivery to us ‘friends’ is classified as ‘Rest of Europe’ I mean we’re on ye’re Left god damn it!
Funny (or not so) thing is they didn’t have a problem finding us 800 years ago!!

5. Rambling Man - July 26, 2007

good man greg – the book arrived a few days after i made this post – it seems only certain uk companies have trouble with us … them and their postcodes

6. RamblingMan - August 16, 2007

UPDATE – the book arrived on the 10th of August. Quality serivce !

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