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Eternal Life July 6, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

If you could live forever, would you ?

This ridiculous question was among the many earth shatteringly important issues chewed over at this morning’s tea break.

Well, ridiculous as it and the many other scenarios that come with it are (i.e. being unable to die, impervious to injury etc.) I pondered more on this question than I wanted to. I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t like to live forever. Because after about 300 years I’d be bored shitless. And everyone I’d’ve known would be long for the next world.

So assuming you didn’t age, get sick or die … ever … would you want to live forever ? Bearing in mind now that you couldn’t just pull the plug on it and decide after 5,000 years to give it a rest -oh no, you’re stuck until the day of judgement (and maybe even after it).

Visions of Sunday morning jaunts, hurling yourself off the Empire State building or some such place only to land safely on the ground – ala Heroes – came quickly into our minds and left just as quick. Sure you’d get bored of standing in front of trucks or jumping in to volcanoes and slapping lions and tigers about the place. What could you do in the infinity of time that you couldn’t do to a quality degree in 80 odd years ? Have a lot more conquests ? Eat all the finest food you could get your hands on ? Live a lifetime in every country on earth … Experience the great sweep of time and the advancement of civilisations from here on out …

The cries of a lone active Catholic grinning that he’d live forever anyway was confronted with “That’s not the point!” type retorts … live forever in your current bodily state and not the Jesus scenario … strict rules this living forever lark !

Then one smart arse in the group (who eats Penguins !)* said he would use his “live forever” power to stop all war. He would take to standing in front of nuclear bombs or disabling planes or something but sure if they shot at you you couldn’t die said he …

Then a few more joined in and pretty soon there was a posse of immortal office workers, armed with recently sharpened pencils and rather heavy notebooks swanning off down the corridor to save the world … and do the weekly accounts while they were at it !

* The chocolate bars ; not the little men in black and white suits.



1. flirty - July 6, 2007

There’s a reason we clock out by 100, someone has a plan

2. Laurie - July 6, 2007

i’m not sure that longevity would suddenly give me the power to stop all war.

3. Rambling Man - July 7, 2007

well if you kinda “disabled” the ones who were starting it ? remember you’d be invincible too so you could walk right up to someone and clock them over the head with a frying pan or something

4. laurie - July 9, 2007

man, i’d be exhausted at the end of the day from swinging that pan….and more swinging to be done the next morning.

so eternal life=eternal working? forget it!

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