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Wexford roll over yet again July 2, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.

Wexford hurling – hang your collective heads in shame.

OK so you lost – everyone loses from time to time. You lose most times. Not because you are bad at hurling but because you have no heart, no will to win, no team spirit, no in-game intelligence and you couldn’t mark a whitewashed wall with a leaky bucket of red paint !

To the county board – teach your players discipline, team spirit and how to mark – it’s a team game, not some individual hurler who thinks trying to out muscle Henry Shefflin when there are 3 other forwards free because of it, is a good idea.

Away off the lot of you and f*ck off while you’re at it !



1. Knightfall - July 2, 2007

I couldn’t agree with you more. Though I don’t think that any of our comments will make a jot of difference to these gutless wonders! They’re probably already decided that its someone elses fault!

2. francis mahon - August 3, 2007

The performance against (an admittedly poor) Tipperary restored some semblance of pride in the jersey. No doubt, the usual horde will descend on Croke Park on Sunday, conveniently overlooking their absence last weekend – I’ve been travelling to Wexford games for many years, and can’t remember such a small showing from the supporters.

3. Rambling Man - August 3, 2007

i go to most of the games too francis – i’m not going sunday because it would hurt too much to lose to a team we can beat – and i’d be a hypocrite. call me what you will for that attitude but in work i’m surrounded by kilkenny fans for whom winning is a way of life and the all-ireland is lost on them they are so used to it.

i really think that there is a problem the way the county board is run etc. with the likes of storey and dempsey over some of the underage teams maybe it’ll get better.

the team at present seems to have inherited past teams inability to mark – thats the most obvious thing to me. anyone could put the ball over the bar 95% of the time if there was nobody near him … and I’m not just picking on one aspect … they don’t have the cool head for three or four of them not to run after one kilkenny man with the ball.

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