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Poor Paris, my ass June 29, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.

The concerned citizens of the great city of Los Angeles awoke with a shock this morning as one of their favourite daughters fell victim to a terrible tragedy of journalism … she wasn’t front page news ! My God, stop the world rotating and let us all beat our breasts in shame !

I refer, of course, to MSNBC’s news anchor – the lovely Mika Brzezinski – who refused to discuss the story of the bedraggled Ms. Hilton’s release from jail and the various associated pedestal putting that society continues to place on this particular person. Ms. Brzezinski thought, and may I add soooo rightly so, that Paris’ release from jail was – wait for it – not headline news and refused to cover the piece. In fact she proceeded to rip up the story and even tried to burn the papers with a cigarette lighter ! How’s that for freedom of speech ? in reverse, sort of !

Quite frankly, it is a pathetic reflection on this particular channel’s views of the world if they lead their morning news bulletin with “Paris Hilton gets out of Jail” which she was lucky wasn’t a longer spell, rather than the carnage and U.S. deaths in Iraq or a political issue in their own country like the recent immigration bill.

Who gives a sh*t about Paris Hilton – she’s just famous for being famous, doing nothing and being in the privileged position of heiress to a great hotel empire … she should treat herself with the respect that this position requires.

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1. laurie - June 29, 2007

she looked more and more pissed off as the morning went on, didn’t she?

2. Rambling Man - June 29, 2007

a great piece of tv !

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