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Review : Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin June 28, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Hotel & Restaurant reviews.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Santry during our recent trip to Dublin.  This was our first time staying in an Intercontinental hotel and I must say that the experience was a most pleasant one.

The hotel is located in the grounds of Santry Demense which is a lovely park complete with lake and walks etc. and only 5 minutes from the M50.

The hotel had arranged for our room to be at the back of the hotel in a quieter area because of the little one and the room was great.  Until the air conditioning conked out at about 8pm and the room got very warm.  And so the child woke up because she was too warm.  When we rang reception, the sent a engineer up within a few minutes but he couldn’t solve the issue.  Unfortunately, he never returned with an update so after half an hour we rang reception looking for a fan (which they didn’t have) but then the kind duty manager moved us to another room at the other side of the hotel, which was bigger and cooler.  Not a lot of hotels in Ireland would move you to a better room so we were quite happy.

Everything was fine after that but we didn’t even mind the inconvenience because it was properly dealt with.

The food at this hotel is fine – room service was actually the best part of it – breakfast is the usual fare (hard sausages !) with a chef on hand to make waffles or pancakes and stuff.  They served what looked like tasty bar snacks in the über-trendy bar and lounge and the prices weren’t as expensive at one might have expected for Dublin.

So all in all, a good stay – I’ve even signed up for their members club so the next time we stay we can get access to the member’s lounge, which looked quite luxurious.  All that’s missing is a pool !

Thank you Crowne Plaza for taking real care of your customers – sometimes that concept in Ireland ceases once they make sure you have a bed !



1. laurie - June 28, 2007

i love being upgraded.

one time in new orleans we checked in, went to our room, and found a dirty tray from breakfast, an unmade bed, and somebody’s robe tossed over a chair. they had checked out, but the room (obviously) hadn’t been cleaned.

we marched back downstairs, filled with righteous indignation….but the clerk coudln’t have been nicer. a few clicks of the keyboard, and she moved us into a suite at no extra charge. we had a room with a giant four-poster bed, so high that it had little movable steps we had to climb to get into bed. and a second room, with couches and a coffee table. and, best of all, a long, skinny balcony with those tall skinny new orleans windows.

mardi gras had recently passed, and the trees by our balcony were all dripping with mardi gras beads. that might be one of the nicest places we ever stayed.

2. Rambling Man - June 28, 2007

yeah its great but thats the first time i’ve ever been upgraded. in another small little place where we frequently stay in dublin, they keep putting us in a dank back room and never upgraded us even though we knew there wasn’t that many guests. its just not in their thinking over here.

3. laurie - June 28, 2007

this is off topic, but you had once posted various key words people used to find your blog. i thought that was interesting, so i started checking on my own blog. today, someone from fargo, n.d., found my blog by googling the words “massaged his thigh.”

bet they were disappointed to find that i was talking about a dog….

4. Rambling Man - June 28, 2007

oh don’t get me started … for the week ending 2007-06-23, my top search term was “door to door alarm salesman clipboard” mother of god !
PS Loved the picture of your dogs on 3 dog blog today – i think riley and my dog molly would be great pals …

5. Laurie - June 29, 2007

if molly would chase him, riley would be happy. he loves nothing more than being chased!

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