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A razor isn’t just a razor June 25, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

When is a razor not a razor ? Well the answer to this one was found out the hard way this weekend.

A razor is not a razor when you have to move hotel rooms and leave your good Gillette Fusion razor behind and don’t think of it until the following morning when you go to shave.  And of course, you badly, badly, need to shave because you’re going to a christening.  A razor is not just a razor when you ring housekeeping and they say they can’t find it. And so they offer you one of their ones – a one blade, blunt but sharp at the same time, plastic excuse for a razor – but hey, it was free and they provided it in a time of need.

It was half way through damaging my face with this emergency blade when I realised that you get what you pay for with razors, so to speak. My Gillette Fusion blades cost a fortune and are exactly the same price in every shop and pharmacy – the blades are the things that make the company money … something like €14.99 for 4 blades.

So it suffices to say that I turned up at the christening looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards and a drunk and equally demented cat of some sort had got at my face with a blade akin to cutting a tomato with a kitchen knife. Such was the horribleness of the state of my facial hair – and I’d missed several prominent bits aswell …

So buy proper shaving stuff – even if it costs you – because LIDL razors or cheap €5 a dozen blades with aloe feckin’ whatever still wouldn’t cut butther !

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1. J.D. - June 25, 2007

This recent obsession with Mach 3 and quatro blades is completely insane. You see these idiots in Tescos reaching for the 7 blade combo. Half of them look about 15 years old, and probably had their first shave two weeks ago.

Speaking as someone who shaves twice a day – and needs to – no man needs more than a sharp gillette twin blade, and anyone who thinks they do is either a poser or never learned how to shave properly to begin with. The key is not the number of blades, it’s how you use it (where have I heard something like that before?), hot water, and decent shaving gel.

2. Laurie - June 25, 2007


the best new product for women is a plastic shaver that has the blade embedded in a small bar of soap. it retracts when you use it. so you get soap-blade-soap. just glides up the ol’ leg painlessly.

over time, as the soap melts away, it hurts more and pretty soon you have to buy a new one.

but those plastic razors you’re talking about–they come in unnatural colors, like VIVID YELLOW and EXTREMELY PINK — hurt right out of the package.

3. Rambling Man - June 25, 2007

yes they are made not to last.
JD I agree with you. the trouble with me is that the shaved off bits get stuck in the blades and the gillette series allows for rinse-age.

4. J.D. - June 25, 2007

Well, I suppose… If you want the sexy designer stubble, and shave only twice a week as a result, you’re going to have issues with build up between the blades.

The price we pay for vanity!

5. Rambling Man - June 26, 2007

next we’ll be comparing moisturiser !

6. Hangar Queen - June 30, 2007

Ha…Back when I had to shave every day for work I worked it out to be about US$500 a year in shaving kit.
That wasn’t counting the occasional security scare at the airports I flew out of and the jettisoned blades,gels,moisturiser etc.that would have to be replaced.
I hated shaving and how it would tear up my skin so even if I wasn’t switching teams I would have gone for the laser beard removal.It would have paid for itself in 6 years in 2003 prices but at the rate razor blades prices are screaming heavenward I’ll break even a week next Tuesday.

btw I seriously recommend a moisturiser for the lads.Pale Irish complexions really need a lot more care than is generally given.

7. Rambling Man - June 30, 2007

i use quite a nifty after shave moisturiser thing … i even like the smell of it which is rare for me

8. Bock the Robber - July 1, 2007

I have modified my microwave oven, and now, whenever I need a close shave, I don’t bother with the hot towels. I simply shove my head into my modified microwave for 2 minutes on MAX.

The cheapest of blades gives a baby-smooth finish.

9. Rambling Man - July 2, 2007

i tried that once but the heat singed my nose hair

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