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When warnings just aren’t enough June 21, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.

I’ve just surfed across this blog post, by the very funny Angry Aussie.

I’ll let it speak for itself but the man is right.  As a society, the West is fucked.  This is a post regarding weight loss and what happens when, even though a company markets a pill that it admits will mess you up, it still flies off the shelves.

Hold your breath ! 



1. laurie - June 23, 2007

he IS funny. thanks for leading us there.

and man, he had 300 comments. yikes. i don’t think i’ve ever had even 10.

2. Rambling Man - June 24, 2007

he has seen his blog go from 20 a day to 300 a day ! imagine that pill though !

3. Jeff Ventura - June 24, 2007

Another alli rant here on my blog (GracefulFlavor). As you might guess, I don’t take too kindly to this sort of sham.

This drug is a trainwreck. Despite the press and clever packaging, I give this thing six months, tops, before it fades into sunset as a cheap consumer exploit.

Funny how things that intentionally make you incontinent do that.

4. laurie - June 25, 2007

remember the potato chips that contained Olestra? the warning was that if you ate them you risked “anal leakage.’

those didn’t last very long either.

my husband and i were speculating this morning on what changes in society would have to take place before it was socially acceptable to fill one’s pants while at mcdonald’s. we figured farting had be rendered OK first, and then the other would soon follow.

5. Rambling Man - June 25, 2007

remember what the romans did ? they gorged themselves so much on food that there were rooms designed in their houses specifically so they could go out, throw up and go back in and eat more !

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