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Search Engine trivia # 2 June 21, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Some answers to the oft strange questions posed in the search engine terms that people use to find their way on to this blog.

– How do I say “Good Luck” in Irish ?
It’s “go n-éirí leat !” pronounced guh nyree latt

– French phrase of the day
Well the famous POTD is done in English but here’s a French one, just for
“Je préfére l’Espagne”

– How to turn Google backwards ?
WTF ? How on earth does one turn Google backwards ? – other than writing elgooG ! Nuts.

– Peeing
The fact that someone would search just for “peeing” is slightly worrying – doesn’t everyone know how to pee ? Maybe they were looking for this post ?

And finally, “I go out drinking 4 times a week”. Do you ? You have a problem !

PS : This just in – “Pressies for a golfer”
Green fees, green fees, green fees (i.e. a round of golf, paid for) at his/her most favourite club. Golfers love free golf ! Failing that, cos you might have to buy 4 green fees cos he can’t play on his own, buy him PRO-V1 golf balls.



1. Laurie - June 21, 2007

it’s fun to look at these things. i look sometimes at the questions people ask that get them to my blog, too, and i wonder if when they get there they are deeply disappointed.

one was “coca spaniel dogs to buy in london.” and believe me, there’s no information on that topic on my blog.

2. Laurie - June 21, 2007

also, one person got to my blog by looking for pictures of “woman on bed with no cloth.”

there aren’t a lot of women in my blog, other than me, and i’m never on the bed….

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