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Mid Summer’s Eve June 21, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Today is the Mid Summer solstice and an excuse for half the world to go stone mad.  Well, the Scandinavians do anyway and since I am married to one, today is no ordinary June day.

The Swedes and the Danes in particular, love a bit of a party on this day.  All pagans the lot of them.  Take a look here at some of the things they get up to – dancing around the sweeping brush, eating dead fish, drinking gripe water and witch burning … nothing like a bit of controlled arson !

Grattis på Midsommar min kära …



1. Knightfall - June 21, 2007

Far be it from me to comment on Scandinavian tradition, but don’t most people eat their fish “dead”? Eating live fish, now that’s wierd!!

2. Rambling Man - June 21, 2007

arra t’was just for the sake of effect. sure dont the japanese ate it without cooking it !

3. Laurie - June 21, 2007

hey, in northern minnesota during the smelt run in late april it’s a tradition to grab a smelt out of the river and bite its head off.

of course, northern minnesota is populated by finns and norwegians and swedes….

4. gledwood - June 22, 2007

I never heard about much midsummer madness this year. Usually here we used to have an annual invasion of StoneHenge by hippies but it seems to be going out of fashion as society gets “straighter” … interesting blog you’ve got here, I jumped in via your friends’ blogs … come to mine if you like gledwood2.blogspot you’re most welcome … see you there hopefully
all the best to you
“vol 2” …

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