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Penalty points for littering June 20, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

The idea has recently been thrown about (bad pun) that those caught littering from vehicles should get some form of penalty points. The new Minister for the Environment, the Green Party’s John Gormley, has said the idea has some merit and they will look into it.

The proposal, which I agree with, intends that anyone caught littering from a vehicle would get 1 penalty point. Good idea – but how on earth do you police such a policy ? The roads are policed poorly enough without asking the poor Gardaí (the poor, poor Gardaí) to catch litter louts.

This story came out at the same time as a report in the Irish Examiner which named and shamed (and pictured) Newbridge and Navan as the dirtiest places in Ireland. I know a few more places that fit that mould, only for the local authorities to do a great job cleaning it up.

Littering is a state of mind – if someone thinks it’s harmless to throw something away then they’ll go it regardless of litter campaigns, points or the thoughts of others.

But back to the story – yes, I say, give the litter bugs a penalty point, if you can catch them ! Don’t have some ridiculous laws which say you must reproduce the actual litter they threw and then fine the bejesus out of them. Hit litter louts where it hurts – in the pocket.

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1. GerryOS - June 20, 2007

I don’t agree with this. Penalty points should be reserved for driving offences. If this comes in, we’ll have them for failing to display tax discs, etc before we know it.

2. Rambling Man - June 20, 2007

why not do that too though gerry ? there aren’t enough enforcements in place as it is and those that are in place aren’t enforced. we know penalty points are fresh in everyone’s mind so why not make use of them …

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