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A grand, soft day June 20, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Tis a grand, soft week day, Tang God !  (Try not to remember this is June !)

There is more water falling from the sky at this moment in time than I have ever seen fall from anything, including a waterfall, a burst drain or even a tap !  To say it’s lashing would be akin to making the Dead Sea sound like a puddle !

It just goes to prove that rain gear in all it’s forms, strengths and protectiveness was simply not built for Irish weather, and rain in particular.  You might as well just lie down and roll around on the street for a couple minutes because you’re getting wet in this kind of rain – period !

As has been said before, “Tid be a great little country if you could ony roof ‘er ! “



1. laurie - June 20, 2007

i love rain like that. but only if i have nowhere i need to be.

it rained like that here two days ago, but only over the lunch hour. when i did have somewhere i needed to be–i needed to get food!

2. Rambling Man - June 20, 2007

you work for a newspaper right ? whats the link to their site ?

3. laurie - June 20, 2007

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