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My “things” June 19, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Like anyone, I guess, I have “things”. You know, like what side of the bed I have to sleep on or whether or not I will take an elevator or something.

These are a few of my things … feel free to add your own (not to me, like, but about yourself !)

I can’t use the loo when anyone else is in there.
Especially at work ! There’s nothing worse than hearing someone enter the adjoining cubicle, down trow and start gruntin’ ! This has led me going to all 4 loos in our building, without successfully dropping the kids off at the pool !

I can only eat a meal with the plate in the same position as it was placed on the table.
Weird one this … (no shit !) but I tend to enjoy a meal much more if the position of the plate does not rotate at all – you know the way some folks turn their plates etc. Not me !

Oh, and I have favourite cutlery – the fork is one my mother borrowed from an airplane – I always loved it because it has a little picture of a plane engraved on the back. It has followed me all through school, college etc.

I can’t drink from someone else’s bottle …
Unless my life depended on it … think of the back wash ! I share this phobia with my wife.  In fact I may have inherited it from her !

My fellow blogger Knightfall can only eat his toast cold. Stone cold toast. It’s just not right !

That’s all I can think of now but feel free to comment and call me a lunatic tell me your “things”.



1. GerryOS - June 19, 2007

The loo one I can identify with.

We have three men’s bogs in our building. The one on the ground floor is a cloakroom with a jacks cublicle adjacent to a public area. You can be guaranteed that as soon as your arse hits the seat, someone will come in after you to wash their hands or get something out of their coat, and leave without closing the outer door.

The one at the back of the building has no natural light and a dodgy light fitting, and is pitch dark most of the time.

The third one is on the fourth floor of the building, and for some reason has clear glass in the window. This was not a problem up until a multi-storey carpark was built right next door, overlooking our building.

One of my foibles is that I cannot eat biscuits that have been dunked in tea. It makes me sick, literally.

2. Rambling Man - June 19, 2007

funny – i love soggy biscuits but dunk them in orange squash cos I dont really do tea ! and theres nothing as annoying as sitting on the loo and thinking you’re safe and then in comes someone who lets it all fall out and makes no recompense for his or her toilet noises !

3. Knightfall - June 19, 2007

Cold toast is the only way to go!! Its like cold pineapple, like seriously who eats hot pineapple! Or more importantly why?

4. Rambling Man - June 19, 2007

i like hot pineapple in a dose of sweet n’ sour – but fried fruit, as in pineapple fritters, never !

5. Coastal Aussie - June 19, 2007

For Gerry, that’s a terrible situation with the toilets, and I wonder if you might like to ‘blu-tac’ or sticky tape a sheet of tracing paper (big, cheap, almost translucent and available from Art shops) over the window on the fourth floor, you could disown that you’d done it, but it should give you diffuse light, and privacy from the carpark people. The toilet at the back of your building sounds so dodgy, but I guess a caving headlamp might come in handy ! Anyway, I just wanted to share the tracing paper idea with you 🙂

6. redmum - June 19, 2007

“There’s nothing worse than hearing someone enter the adjoining cubicle, down trow and start gruntin”

Seriously euuuuu. Women generally try to, ahem, be quiet. Thank God. You certainly won’t hear ‘gruntin’ (again with the euuuu) and if someone invertently makes a noise, more times than not they will stay in the cubicle until they are alone.

Proper order too I don’t want to pretend that I haven’t, eeuuu, heard anything. Maybe I am wrong but I think it is probably like that for most women, another one of those social etiquette unwritten rules.

I’ve worked in a few places where men blatantly and openly bring a newspaper to the loo where they remain for too long then bring the paper back and leave it about for some poor unsuspecting person to pick up later.

Work away with whatever AT HOME, read what you want, even leave some reading stuff in the loo, but in work please don’t.

7. Rambling Man - June 20, 2007

i see fag butts on the ground in our toilet all the time. and you can’t smoke anywhere in our building.
sorry for grossing you out Mathair Rua – enough of this toilet talk.

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