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Phrase of the Day #146 June 17, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Say it like it is.

“He’s so mean he had double glazing installed so the children wouldn’t hear the ice-cream man !”

Oh how I laughed !



1. laurie - June 18, 2007

oh, man, remember the ice-cream man?

we never ever ever had any spare money for him. (perhaps because if my mom handed out ice cream money to one kid, she’d have to scorunge up ice cream money for the other nine, as well.)

but i loved hearing his tinny little tune anyway, and watching the little blue truck troll our neighborhood.

2. Rambling Man - June 18, 2007

ten kids ! well done mom ! that said – the woman across the street from my mother is one of 19 ! imagine being pregnant for the best part of 20 years !

3. laurie - June 18, 2007

nineteen kids? that’s spouse abuse, i think.

my mom had one a year for five years. the next five were spaced a little more — every couple of years — except for nos. 8 and 9, which were twins.

and even after all that, she had one more.

4. Rambling Man - June 18, 2007

in good catholic ireland, contraception meant “against ception” ! no such thing as prophylactics

5. Laurie - June 18, 2007

my dad was a good half-irish catholic.

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