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Greens join Government June 15, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

So the Green Party have joined government, but at what price ? Their leader, Trevor Sergeant has resigned as he said he would not join a Fianna Fáil led government, and although two of the Green TDs have recieved important portfolios, many issues with which they had a problem remain just that – a problem.

Not the least of these issues is Tara and the whole M3 debacle. For our international readers (all 2 of you !) the Hill of Tara lies directly along the planned route for a new motorway from Dublin to the west coast. And they are going to build it, no matter what – in, through, over and destroying historical sites such as Lismullan not to mention any number of yet to be discovered settlements along the valley. The Hill of Tara with all it’s great history, was said to be the hub of Ireland in the time of the High Kings … and we want to build a road through it. Scratch that – we are building a road through it.

So the halting of the “M3 through Tara” plan was one of the things that the Green Party campaigned on but they then accepted the route as part of deal which would see them join the government table.

They had to weigh up decisions like this one and also the continuation of the Shannon stop-over for dodgy American flights; but they still joined the government. An alarm bell rang in my head yesterday when Labour leader Pat Rabbitte announced that he had parsed the ‘Programme for Government’ and the word ‘review’ appeared so many times, and ‘evaluate’ so many times and so on … nothing concrete in other words.

Only time will tell whether the Greens will be able to stick to their guns – or will their founder member in this country, Roger Garland, be proved right when he called the decision to back Fianna Fáil with all these obstacles still in place “unbelievably bad“.

I guess they think they can do more good inside looking out, than outside clambering to get in, even though now they are the (very) little fish in a big, slimy pond.

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