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I remember when … June 14, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in I remember when ....

I’m thinking about starting a blog series entitled “I remember when …” in which I would outline, to the nodding approval of all my readers, where I was, what I remember or what I was doing on the day that various important and noteworthy events happened.

Whaddayathink ?  Do you remember where you were on September 11th ? or July 7th or the day the Pope came to Ireland ? or when the Berlin Wall fell … Were the events significant enough to always associate themselves in your head with something you were doing – and you can remember them years later ??

Stay tuned for the first installment in the next few days … “I remember when … London was attacked”



1. Laurie - June 14, 2007

i like this idea.

very interactive of you.

2. redmum - June 14, 2007

Sep 11th, I was in Paddy Power in Clondalkin watching the events unfold, I worked nearby and they had a telly. I saw the first pictures on the internet at lunchtime and phoned my boss to say ‘have you seen this?’. Little was done that day.

July 7th, I was in work in town transfixed again to the telly. Only this time we had a telly in work.

When the Pope came to Ireland I was 7 and in Belfast, my Nanny and Granda drove to Dublin but we were deemed too young, thank God, going by what others have told me of their experiences.

Berlin Wall, mmhh I remember a lot about that year cos so much happened then, so much it was a mad year.

3. redmum - June 14, 2007

July 7th also saw the Irish Army fly over Dublin City Centre as part of rehersals for a forthcoming event, people were seriously wondering what on earth was going on. I snapped the planes and Ireland.com used the image to accompany their story (I did send them the pic of course).

4. Rambling Man - June 15, 2007

nice one redmum 😉

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