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Ireland fall again in FIFA rankings June 13, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.

Ireland’s continuous slide in the FIFA rankings continues apace.  We are now ranked as 38th in the world, (stuck between Paraguay and Egypt) behind some countries that a good schoolboy team would give a game to (Scotland !).

Not that the FIFA rankings are or were ever an accurate picture of the game or a team’s ability – but they do play a part in seedings for the World Cup and European Championship draws – Ireland could possibly be in pot 5 next time !  

Lovely …All together now … there’s only one Steven Staunton … 



1. Scotland voice - October 4, 2007

‘behind some countries that a good schoolboy team would give a game to (Scotland !).’ Is this the Scotland that has qualified for the WC 8x since 1954 and Ireland only 3x since 1990? Or the fact that we have played against you 8 x and it was 3-2-3 (WDL). Point being, Scotland performed bad under Vogts but we sure as hell are no worse than you lot! The Irish are pretty arrogant when it comes to football, almost as bad as the English. You seem to think cos you got through to the quarters in 1990 that you are somehow a super team? Come on, you all support English teams cos your own teams aren’t ‘big’ enough!!! Not think it’s about time you got off the high horse and realise that you are a small country and that your team isn’t really that great. It’s not terrible but certainly no better than Scotland anyway! Our international playing history is far greater than yours and we have beaten more teams than you but never do we slag you off.

2. Rambling Man - October 5, 2007

touchy ! but you’re probably right … we’re crap and you lot, at the moment are just less crap … my humblest apologies

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