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Phrase of the Day #141 June 1, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Say it like it is.

“Russians will consume marinated mushrooms and vodka, salted herring and vodka, smoked salmon and vodka, salami and vodka, caviar on brown bread and vodka, pickled cucumbers and vodka, cold tongue and vodka, red beet salad and vodka, scallions and vodka-anything and everything and vodka !”
Hedrick Smith



1. laurie - June 2, 2007

i’ve been to russia a couple of times. (and i read hedrick smith’s book before i went!) the first time was in 1986, when it was still the USSR, and we were invited to a woman’s apartment after dinner one evening. we’d had a big meal at the hotel, but she kept bringing out food for us–caviar (my first time), and bread, and cake, and homemade marshmallows (crunchy on the outside), and chocolates, and when she brought out the blueberry pie i thought i was going to die if i ate one more bite. and the nice man sitting next to me whispered, “you have to take at least one bite or she will be offended.”

but there was vodka. oh, there was vodka. lovely strong delicious vodka. with cranberry juice chasers for the ladies…..

2. Rambling Man - June 2, 2007

wow ! i have russian family by marriage – they all live in london but i remember visiting them as a teenager and having vodka shots for breakfast alongside my cereal ! what a rebel i was … the vodka they drink is sooo smooth and not harsh like the tripe we drink here

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