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WordPress stats are funny May 31, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Have any of my fellow WordPressers ever looked at their statistics page and shuddered ? Try going to your Blog Stats page and checking out the words that people used to find your site … I’m thinking about doing a regular “Answer the lost blogger” type post based on the sometimes alarming but always amusing search criteria used to find the Rambling Man.

Like today for instance …

Somebody wanted to know how to pronounce ‘dopiaza’ which as far as I know is an Indian chicken dish. And I think it’s pronounced “dop-ee-ah-zah” or “doe-py-a-zzzaaa” if you’re from Tipperary.

I get the usual plethora of standard enquiries regarding Trevor Brennan (the world seems to be obsessed by that case), Podge and Rodge phrases and a few of the restaurant reviews I have done.

Today I also got one for “stray cricket ball hitting car” – how in the name of Himself upstairs did that search term lead to me ?

Or the one from last Tuesday that asked about the current address of Carola Häggkvist, who I blogged about in this article … must be some mad people out there …



1. kav - May 31, 2007

I get some disturbing stuff altogether, including, as of right now:

horse spunk
awkward erection stories
irish knacker
photo bag of tayto
kav – okay

2. Rambling Man - May 31, 2007

lovely ! you’d have a hard time convincing the judge that these things weren’t on your site when people searching for them ended up there.

“I put it to you Mr.Kav that you have on your electronic bloggery site a picture of my client with his appendage in a vat of diesel oil ! How do you plead ?”

3. Rambling Man - May 31, 2007

PS I’m editing the one about the DVD of a father and a daughter which I doubt is of them making snowmen or something … just in case google spiders the comments !

horse spunk is fine ! just not that one

4. bocktherobber - June 1, 2007

I keep quiet about it in case I scare them away. Maybe I should start publishing them like you and Kav.

5. agronom - October 12, 2007

🙂 Yes it is simply ridiculous.

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