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There’s fierce violence lately May 25, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

I’ve nothing much to say today … I can’t be arsed giving out about the election any more because Fianna Fáil are running away with it and it depresses me. So here I sit and watch the clock tick away until 4-45pm until I can make like a tree and get out of here.

What else is happening these days around the world ? There sure is some fierce violence going on about the planet this last week …

Like the situation in Northern Lebanon with fighting breaking out all over the place. Fatah al-Islam (an Islamist militant group) are killing people in the name of their religion and trying to impose Sharia law on the refugee camps in that area of the world …

More kidnappings of oil workers have taken place in Nigeria with 2 Brits, 3 Americans and a South African being nabbed there today. A quote on this Sky News report says “There is widespread resentment in the area that billions of dollars worth of oil has been extracted but most people remain in poverty.” No shit ! And still they cannot see why stuff like this happens ?

The North Koreans (the DPRK) are apparently launching test missiles over the Sea of Japan so God knows what’ll happen there. These are the crazy people who have a dead man as their “Eternal President” … and I’m sure the US will get themselves involved at some stage or another, although there were 2 crows fighting over a bread crust this morning in my garden and I’ve yet to be informed of their policy on same.

The US government has approved US $120 billion for the ‘war of against terror’, making sure that the killing will stop and they’ll all live peacefully and harmoniously in their freshly imposed democracy and the US troops won’t get home sometime before 2010.

People to kick the bucket recently were the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands , Michael Lunt, the captain of St.Andrew’s Golf Club and Peggy Ryan, the former postmistress and famous swallower of gallons of gin, who was from my village.

All in all lads, tis utter misery – but at least it’s not raining and I can go play golf.



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