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Overheard at a dinner party May 23, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

I overheard this at a recent dinner party and have come to the conclusion that every man, woman and eligible voter in this country should vote for Bertie, to teach ourselves a lesson …

One lad : “I think I’ll vote for Bertie. I feel really sorry for him the way he was treated after he got caught with all that dodgy money ! Sure if he takes out a bit on the side, doesn’t he put more back into the country …”

The other lad: “Yeah me too. Sure they’re all at it – he was just the one that got caught !”

Examine that for a second – the words “feel sorry for him” and “caught with dodgy money” come out in the one sentence and are seen as OK and justified. Are we goddamn politically illiterate or what ? The fact that he “puts something back ” doesn’t f*cking make the fact that he took something out OK !

I’ll tell you something people, politicians may all be equally as bad as each other, but if that crowd of thieving f*ckers in the Dáil get back in come Friday, we’ll well and truly deserve it ! We love complaining about them but can’t bring ourselves to change the government.



1. Laurie - May 23, 2007

here in the states, you only get in real trouble if you have sex with someone you shouldn’t. money, corruption, firing all the u.s.attorneys because they don’t follow your politics…. who cares? have sex with someone not your spouse? you’re outta here. bernie would do quite well here. assuming, of course, he’s faithful to Mrs. Ahern.

2. (un)relaxeddad - May 24, 2007

Isn’t that the truth with all politicians? And why is it that we’re so obsessed with their sex lives? (Though I think we’re finally getting over it in the UK. Never been a problem for the French, of course.)

3. irishflirtysomething - May 24, 2007

I keep saying it, dinner parties are evil!

4. Rambling Man - May 24, 2007

i enjoyed your post about the one you were at recently – especially about the yaris devaluing the local car population ! you should’ve known better … but it probably wasnt as bad as the reality show called “sunset tan” my wife watches … its set in a tanning salon on sunset boulevard in LA ! one can only imagine the wealth people have if they pay €1400 for 20 minutes in a tin can getting sprayed with tan coloured paint …

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