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Green eyed dog May 22, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

We currently have a bit of a dilemma with the biggest baby in our house – the dog !
She’s a lovely, timid old thing who was rescued by us from the pound and had been badly treated and abused. It was a pleasure for us to watch her gradually come out of herself and become just a dog.

Then last October when the new arrival came on the scene, the poor old dog plummeted down the food chain. We did everything we could to try and ease the transition, knowing that in a few years when the child can throw a ball for the dog, all would be well with the world. The tennis ball is the dog’s world ! But that is 1 and half years away …

Does anyone know what we can do with a dog who is so jealous of the baby that when the baby is playing on the floor, the dog will sit with its back to her and if Mum or Dad even do so much as coochie-coochie-coo at the baby, the dog is in our face, jumping madly about as if to say “Look at me ! I’m here too !” It’s getting so bad now the wife is afraid she’ll trip over the dog while holding the baby because she’s constantly under our feet and never seems to be able to rest.

We feel so sorry for the dog – no amount of praise, introductions, treats, playing with the baby and the dog together etc. will calm her. She’s confused by the fact that we now use the same tones and actions towards the real baby as we once did towards her. We spoiled the dog when we first got her because of how badly she had been treated. In fact, it was so bad that the poor dog rooted in the bins for the first week so unused to being fed regularly was she.

Anyone got any ideas ? It’s breaking our hearts – and to make matters worse, the baby thinks the dog is the best thing EVER !!

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1. kav - May 22, 2007

That’s a shame. We had a cat that acted similarly – he got 100% attention before Erin was born – and in the end had no choice but to find a good home for him. He was miserable and we didn’t have enough time to attend to him. It was heartbreaking.

If you can bring yourselves to work through it, I’m sure she will become accepting of it, but just be careful of having the two of them (dog and baby) together in the meantime.

2. Rambling Man - May 22, 2007

we are wokring our way through it – she has her ups and downs. went for dinner at a friends last week (who normally fuss over the dog) and of course they were fussing over the baby – cue sulking black and white dog in the corner staring at the wall !

in so far as one can “know” an animal, I think she would never hurt the baby – she knows what it means to be mistreated and wouldn’t harm a fly – shes too big of a girls blouse

3. laurie - May 22, 2007

ah, that’s heartbreaking. and i don’t have good advice, other than when one of you is making a fuss over the baby, maybe the other of you could be making a fuss over the dog.

though i suspect that won’t help much because there will be loads of times when you both want to be making a fuss over the baby at the same time.

that, and make sure the pup gets a LOT of exercise.

a blog i used to read addressed this same problem. he was thinking of giving away his dog, and i kinda fell away from his blog and don’t know how he ever resolved it. but you should take a look here:


a newish dad in canada, blogging about life. good luck and let us know how it’s working out.

4. Rambling Man - May 22, 2007

thanks laurie – both of us do try and make a fuss of the dog too – it’ll have to be tennis ball central in our house from now on

5. dermot - May 23, 2007

baby first then dog. unfortunately from what family told me over the years its not a good idea to keep a dog after a baby arrives

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