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A great start to the day May 21, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Poetry & Humor.

My day, nay my week, got off to a wonderfully comic start this morning and proves a point that some stuff you just couldn’t make up.

Picture the scene … I’m waiting at the kerbside outside the childminder’s house because it’s a small bit too early to land the child on her when I get a knock on the window of my car.

An decrepid looking old woman, at least 90 years of age and fresh from having been dragged through a hedge backwards, hobbles up beside me with a hot water bottle and asks me to take the top off it. “No problem ma’am” says I, and duly take the top off the water bottle. “Thanks very much” says she and turns slowly on her heels and heads off. I didn’t pay much attention until I caught a glimpse of her in the rear view mirror … I hadn’t noticed the bright pink and black Playboy pyjama bottoms she was semi wearing !! What a sight …

At least 90 …



1. irishflirtysomething - May 21, 2007

Brillant – at least you can see the funny and not disturbing part of that story – although she is the same age as Hugh H.

2. Rambling Man - May 21, 2007

i don’t want to think any more about it ! she had a lot of makeup on for 8am in the morning !

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