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Internet Explorer = Cac ! May 10, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

I just have to say that Internet Explorer 6 is a load of shite.  (Not to mention version 7 crashing my server first time out !)  Now before the Mozilla heads (or Moheads as I like to call them) go mad and extol the virtues of that particular browser, you are already preaching to the converted.  This particular project I’m working on, unfortunately, explicitly called for the Dark Empire’s software.

My current annoyance is the “we think you really need this” attitude of the damned “Information Bar” – it looks like this – and I found it virtually feckin’ impossible to turn off.  Google was hammered with me trying to find some chap somewhere that would know what to do but everything I tried was in vain.  I read this, did this and even this ! When I found this one, I thought I had it cracked – but no !  IE still assured me that my safety was paramount and I couldn’t really let the nasty bastards from Planet Active X near me, even if I wanted to …

And then I found it … a typical Microsoft solution whereby they make something you don’t want seem obligatory and despite the hundreds of defeated and downtrodden developers creating workarounds and solutions out of their arses to try and fix the issue, they quietly include a tick box that solves the whole thing in the first place. Deep down in some obscure menu … if you can find it and you know it’s there … it’ll do the trick.  I’m not telling anyone – that’d spoil the fun !

Na bastairt salacha !



1. rach - May 12, 2007

Sorry I’m a Mohead, seems the simplest way for me to understand what the ***k is going on with my laptop.
Techno phobic Rach

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