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Smear Campaign Politics May 8, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Smear Campaign Politics … with a difference ! Oh how I am heartened that the great folk of Ireland have not taken to the vicious backstabbing, gutter press publishing, slander tactics that we see in the US political sphere … instead they have taken to creatively defacing the election posters of the candidates in the upcoming election with their own brand of graffiti and providing us all with a bit of a smile as we drive past.

I must however complain about the unimaginative way in which these posters are being defaced … I mean how original is drawing a moustache on Bertie ? Or a fag hanging out of someone’s mouth ? One of the better ones I saw was a pair of Marx-like glasses drawn on the local Green Party candidate which totally upstaged the bollocks symbol drawn perilously close to the (pretty) lady Shinner candidate’s face.

But by far the best … and I don’t know why it alone provided me with a brief smile … was the speech bubble eminating from a prominent minister’s mouth on one of the posters in the middle of his own constituency. I don’t like the word itself but suffice to say that it starts with C, ends with T and has a U and an N in it (no, not coconut you daft c*nts, the other one) …. ooops !



1. bocktherobber - May 8, 2007

I liked the one that said “Jail to the Thief”

2. irishflirtysomething - May 9, 2007

Instead of Rock the Vote we should have deface the poster competition, that would get the young people interested.

Did you mean see you next tuesday?

3. RamblingMan - May 9, 2007

yes thats exactly what i meant ! (cough)
(took me ages to work that one out – i’m so, like, one dimensional)

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