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It was a Hackney morning May 4, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Poetry & Humor.

It was a Hackney morning

by Martin Doyle

I saw a cat
dead in a gutter on its back,
and an up-ended chair
as I walked by.
I saw a busted street-light
twisted so it faced the sky.
Things are looking up I thought.



1. Tim Ruttledge - May 4, 2007

I like the dark sense of humour in the “things are looking up”!
Found your Blog on Kav’s, had a look and lo and behold we have a Wexford man!
I’m from Wexford but living in Sweden which probably means I wouldn’t be able to join the Scandinavians in Wexford, but seeing as how the Vikings founded Wexford town I could get a associate membership?

2. Rambling Man - May 4, 2007

kav – hes a quare fella !

yep a fellow yella belly i am – my wife is also swedish by a coincidence – where are you living – our rellies are in sigtuna, north of stockholm – hej da

3. Tim Ruttledge - May 5, 2007

We are 20km from Borås, in Väst Sverige there must be something about Wexford men, I know 2 more lads from my Leaving Cert class that married Swedish girls and live in Stockholm and Tranås, one got divorced but sure we can’t all be perfect!
How is the Svenska with yourself?

4. Rambling Man - May 5, 2007

inte sa bra – men jag forstor mest alting

5. Tim Ruttledge - May 5, 2007

Det låter bra! Jag skrev nyss en blogg på Irländska, första gång för mig. Jag kanske skulle skriva något på svenska oxå men jag tror inte riktigt på mig själv.
Bhí mé ag léamh do blag as gaeilge freisin! Maith an féar!
The usage of Swedish on a daily basis has put a dent in any Irish retention that I had and it seems that I will have to go back to close to scratch to get it alive again. I’m happy to see that blogging has made Irish something interesting again and fun, something it was not when we were in school. Slógadh was as close to fun that it was for me, but that was more about mixing with girls than Irish, still I learned Irish at the same time, how bad!

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