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State run school bus service May 3, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

The roads in our cities and major towns, and even in some by-water areas, are becoming increasingly clogged with traffic … so much so that the daily commute is now becoming a really negative factor in our lives when we come to choosing where to live or settle.

I drive to work. There isn’t a bus service that would get me there on time, or home at any reasonable hour and it’s too far to walk or realistically cycle. When the local schools that line the route to the city are off, it’s grand. I usually fly in. But when the schools are on, every morning I can’t help but notice the traffic levels explode and the dual carriageway on the route to Waterford clogs up like a abbatoir’s drainpipe.

Most of the cars on the route are parents driving their single child to school. 75% of them I would guesstimate. There is no dedicated, state run school transport service in Ireland and it shows ! The bus transport markets are served by private firms and rickety ould shacks of buses packed with kids abound; it’s fair to say that the system, in so far as it exists, needs an overhaul. We need a state run school bus service, like they have in the USA. You know – the big, yellow school buses that pick lil’ Johnny up from the end of his road … It would not only lead to a reduction in cO2 emissions from unnecessary car journeys but would provide a safer, more manageable way of travelling.

Think about it. A fleet of new, safety conscious, specially designed buses serving our schools with qualified, safety approved drivers, providing a free or heavily subsidised trip to school and back for our kids. How many cars would that take off the road each day ?  It would help the environment, save people money and if implemented properly provide a safe way to get to school for our children. There are too many cowboy bus companies out there which lead to too many tragic accidents.

This, for one issue, I will be raising with the callers on the hustings. If any come … I’ve seen nobody so far and it’s already day 4 …

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1. Laurie - May 3, 2007

do you not have school buses???? wow. no wonder the streets are clogged. i’m assuming that kids used to walk or bike to school but now are being ferried by yuppie moms and dads… we have plenty who don’t want to put their kids on the buses and ferry them; lots of unnecessary congestion. but i rode a big yellow school bus every day from kindergarten through second grade, no troubles. (after second grade, you were forced to get off the bus and walk if you lived less than a mile from school. i lived 10 blocks.)

2. Rambling Man - May 3, 2007

nope – there are no state run buses. that’d make too much sense and would be seen as copying someone else instead of coming up with our own unique way or doing it – an irish solution to an irish problem its called … idiots … if they were to try it now, it’d take 5 years to plan, 3 more to tender and come in costing millions over budget … and then we’d re-elect them … wait a minute … that sounds familiar

3. laurie - May 3, 2007

that made me laugh.
but…isn’t it the law that kids have to go to school? so the state has to provide the school, yes? but the state doesn’t have to provide a way of getting to the school? weird. what about car-less families?

maybe an irish solution could be a green bus instead of a yellow one. totally different.

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