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Portmanteau words rock ! April 28, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Poetry & Humor.

I quite enjoy reading about the etymology of words in general but I particularly like the make up and history of portmanteau woids words.

A portmanteau word is one that combines the sound and meaning of two words, for example, “smog”, which is a combination of “smoke” and “fog”.

There are some real beauties about – and some that you wouldn’t even recognise as being portmanteau in nature … like ‘because’ (by cause) or ‘bit’ (binary digit). Email, motel or cineplex may now be common usage but what about squawk, flounder or glaze ? They are all squashed up words …

What really makes me smile is the more modern versions of words and how they seem to appear to fulfill the language’s need …

I mean it was plain obvious to me that we needed a word for a French looking fresh baked bread filled with something or other (croissandwich) or those people who help you get online in your local library (cybrarians) ! So the next time you are watching some muppets on a docusoap and are trying to guesstimate what their latest sexcapades are, try not to be influenced by the various rumors about them in the latest fantabulous raggazine. Goodbye ! (sorry)

Thanks to here for the words.



1. irishflirtysomething - April 30, 2007

Am stealing / borrowing “ragazine”, genius!

2. Rambling Man - April 30, 2007

not my invention but a good ‘un none the less … and how true … i must try and come up with one for newspapers who print utter trash

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