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10 things I’m loathing … April 26, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Say it like it is.

10 things I’m loathing at the moment … as seen in “10 things I’m liking” … in no particular order :

1 ) Chuggers – and still they approach me; twice in the same street
2 ) The bums outside my office using a local graveyard as a jacks
3 ) The kid a few doors down who wrote ‘fuck’ on my garden wall
4 ) The price of skips
5 ) Men with long hair
6 ) People who ask cashiers to take the money straight from their hand
7 ) The 30 second ads before you get through to 11850
8 ) Shop assistants not having enough English to do their job properly
9 ) Ryanair never admitting they’re wrong
10 ) Pizza literature coming through our letter box



1. laurie - April 27, 2007

going back to work after vacation…..

2. Rambling Man - April 27, 2007

hey you’re back ! i saw the pics from france and london – looks like you had good weather

3. laurie - April 27, 2007

we had great weather, and a great time. i’ll post a few more pix over the next few days. we took about 500. curse digital cameras!

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