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Trevor Brennan’s appeal set for June April 25, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.

I’ve blogged about the Trevor hitting the “fan” incident before and seeing as it’s become one of the most hit pieces on mo bhlag, I thought I’d give my tuppence ha’penny about the appeal process now underway.

To quickly refresh your memory … Brennan’s club Toulouse were playing Ulster in a Heineken Cup match in January, during which game a section of the away fans shouted abuse at the former Irish player and he reacted by entering the stands and battering the fella who abused him …

He was suspended in March, fined and then banned for life from “participating in any capacity” in tournaments organised by the ERC (European Rugby Cup) – this includes coaching. Having been found guilty of misconduct, Brennan then announced his plans for retirement at the end of the current season. The eejit he hit was neither fined, banned or as far as I know, found culpable of anything, never mind provocation. I find it incredible that the “fan” was not banned by the ERC from attending any games either but i suppose these sorts of incidents do not happen (thankfully) with any sort of regularity at rugby matches.

Brennan may wish to coach at events run by the ERC and at present the ban disallows him from doing so – he is therefore appealing the decision and the hearing will be heard in Dublin on June 1st. We await the outcome with interest …

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1. Barry - April 27, 2007

This reminds me of the Cantona karate kick into the crowd. Soccer, being the different animal it is, he managed to come out of that incident better than before. I feel sorry for Brennan in a way, the spectator must have said something “worthwhile” to get Brennan wound up. A lifetime ban seems a like harsh I think.

2. steve - May 23, 2007

I love the way people assume Patrick Bamford must have said something truly awful to upset TB so much.

All evidence gathered – eye witness statements (Ulster fans, Toulose fans, journalists) gathered from those sitting in the seats near by and Mr Brennan’s back tracking on what had been said (no more mention of the word f*nian in any further statements from TB) all point to one conclusion – TB lied through his teeth so cover his own arse.

The one other piece of evidence that stands out is that Patrick Bamford calmly sat in his seat as TB came up the stairs – hardly the act of someone who thought he might be in trouble from this thug for something he said.

3. Rambling Man - May 23, 2007

so why did brennan lose the head then ? he must’ve heard something – either that or he’s a fierce lunatic altogether to just charge in and beat someone up.

would a switch go off in his head and he suddenly and unprovoked decide to beat someone ?

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5. steve - June 1, 2007

Rambling Man – yes, he’s a lunatic.

I’m looking forward to the civil case brougth by Mr Bamford when the truth will become known.

6. Rambling Man - June 1, 2007

yes it’ll certainly be interesting – will bamford have witnesses to say he didnt say anything ? maybe brennan will have witnesses to say he heard something ?

7. A quick sporting bulletin « The Rambling Man - June 12, 2007

[…] Trevor Brennan, who I am not a fan of, has had his lifetime ban reduced by an independent appeals committee. He will now, from 1st June 2007, serve a 5 year ban from rugby of any sort, either playing or coaching. He also cannot participate in any capacity in the European Cup, as it was in this tournament that he entered the crowd and repeatedly beat a “fan”. […]

8. steve - August 2, 2007

I notice you didn’t state what was said in the report by the committee
regarding Patrick Bamford.

Should I spell it out for you?

9. Rambling Man - August 2, 2007

do sham, spell it out

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